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We Clean with our HEARTS!

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Serving Hong Kong since 1985.

We Clean with our HEARTS!

You can depend on us as Easy Care has been in the market for over thirty years.

Established in 1985, Easy Care Carpet Systems Limited has been specializing in carpet maintenance services for commercial and residential customers. Equipped with the most advanced carpet maintenance equipment and a team of devoted and experienced staff, Easy Care is your best choice for taking good care of your carpet.

Carpet maintenance is our job. A job that we are proud of.

Carpet maintenance is not so simple as it seems. It’s a professional job. And a career, too!

Special training together with practical experience are indispensable to becoming a professional carpet cleaner. Easy Care Carpet Systems Limited realizes this fact. All our service teams are headed by devoted and responsible professionals with at least five years experience in carpet cleaning and maintenance. As the quality of carpets has been improving and the types increasing, Easy Care has installed more sophisticated machine to deal with different makes of carpet. Since we are committed to providing the best services to our clients.

We do maintenance according to your needs. We even advise you how to save money in carpet maintenance.

Easy Care understands that every client has an individual need. Our expert staff will provide professional opinions according to your expectations, budget, time schedules and any other considerations you may have and come up with a most cost-effective carpet maintenance program for your approval. This professional consultation is absolutely free of charge.

A total professional image is what we are after. Not simply the high standard of carpet maintenance.

Easy Care Carpet Systems Limited is devoted to ensuring that the manners and appearance of our staff are as excellent as our high standard of carpet cleaning and maintenance. Every employee must wear a clean uniform. And our service codes are friendly, understandable, devoted and responsible. After each assignment, our customer service officers will follow-up on the quality of work performed to make sure our clients receive the best services ever.

Internally, regularly work meetings are held to discuss how we can improve our knowledge on carpet cleaning and maintenance. We also exchange ideas on how to keep on improving our service standard.

Customer service is of top priority in our company. Because the last thing that we want on earth is your dissatisfaction.

Polite. Helpful. Responsive. Efficient. This is what makes Easy Care Carpet Systems Limited stand out from the crowd. We believe that unless we understand what our clients need and how they regard our service, we cannot provide the best possible service to our clients.

We care about our clients. That’s why we have contracted a Public Liability insurance Policy worth HK$10,000,000.

Even though Easy Care Carpet Systems Limited is 100% confident that our experienced staff know how to protect the surrounding property within the working environment, however, we provide our clients with a double protection. That’s why we contract a HK$10,000,000 Public Liability Insurance policy with an extension to cover principal’s property. With this assurance, you will be well-protected when you assign a job with Easy Care.