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Fabric Vapor Steam Cleaning

Serving Hong Kong since 1985.

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High temperature Steam Cleans, Sanitizes and Deodorizes in one go

Clean-Matic Vapor cleans with high temperature steam. Its powerful and focused jet of energy eliminates any harmful microorganism on contact. It removes dirt and grime. It emulsifies grease, oils and surface contaminants. It kills molds and bacteria. It terminates dust mites.

Producing steam in high temperature and pressure, Clean-Matic Vapor Cleaning sanitizes and removes odors while cleaning. As this cleaning method uses only water, it is chemical-free and has no toxic residue. It is an environmentally friendly cleaning method and has no side effects on human.

Absolutely Clean in its true sense as Steam Penetrates anywhere

A jet of steam is so powerful that it cleans deeply into any material or surface. In addition, no corner, spot or hard-to-reach cracks and crevices can escape its reach. Clean-Matic Vapor cleaning uses low moisture steam that deposits no damp residue, making it difficult for gems and bacteria to proliferate in these dark and remote areas.

Steam Revitalizes and makes things Shine again

Steam penetrates the pores and digs up dirt from any material being cleaned. It revives the materials and lets them breathe and shine again. It cleans virtually every surface - blinds and curtains, walls, windows, ceramics, marbles, vinyl floors, carpets, sofas, office chairs, dining chairs and fabric upholstery. A cleaner and more hygienic interior, with no odor but refreshing aroma, will emerge again.