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Protector Treatment

Serving Hong Kong since 1985.

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Protector Treatment aims at protecting fibres from water, grease and dirts penetration.

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With Protector Treatment, footprints on the carpet can be cleaned up easily.

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Every fabric fibre is under the protection of Protector Treatment. Dirts stained on the surface of the fibres are easrly uplifted.

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Without Protector Treatment, dirts penetrating into the fabric fibres are difficult to be cleaned up.

Difficulties Encountered In The Maintenance Of Fabric Upholstery And Carpet:

Fabric upholstery and carpet become prevalent in today’s interior design. Fabric upholstery is getting popular due to their dizzling colour, unique but various patterns, such as printed and woven patterns. Meanwhile, carpeted floor adds a touch of elegance and comfort. That's why fabric upholstery and carpet become popular at home and office design.

Yet the maintenance of fabric upholstery and carpet is rather difficult since water, dirts, and grease will penetrate into every single fibre once stained on the surface of these materials, forming stubborn smears which are difficult to be cleaned up thoroughly. The stained carpet and fabric upholstery are unable to restore to their new look.

The Best Protector For Fabric Upholstery And Carpet

Precautions should be planned before choosing fabric upholstery and carpet. Protector Treatment from the US is the best dirt repellant for fabrics and carpet. After application of Protector Treatment, each fibre of your upholstery and carpet is under thorough protection. Dirts, grease and water only stain on the surface of the fabrics or space between fibres. These smears can be cleaned up easily and both upholstery and carpet can restore to their new and tidy looks.

Upholstery And Carpet Newness Will Last

The Protector Treatment agent is a transparent, colourless, odourless and harmless sprayer which will not change the colour and softness of fabric upholstery and carpet. It is applicable to fabric of any kind. It preserves the new look of fabric upholstery and carpet for a longer carpet life than usual, roughly four to five times longer. Upholstery replacements will be minimized and your money be saved.

Protector Treatment is the best dirt-proof helper with remarkable effect, keeping fabric upholstery and carpet in a new, clean and tidy state.

Working Procedures

  1. Inspect the upholstery/carpet.
  2. Uplift all dust.
  3. Clean up surface smears.
  4. Apply Protector.