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Disturbing Odors will Reduce Working Efficiency

Over time, dirt and stains will deposit on home and office carpets. Food residues, perspiration, urine from pets, vomit substance, cigarette ashes, coffee spills, juice drops, tea spots, water stains, soil and dust left behind by shoes - all are common odor sources found in carpet.

Activated by heat, moisture and poor air ventilation in enclosed home and office environment, bacteria and microorganism embedded in seemingly harmless dirt and stains will turn active and emit revolting odor. It will affect your olfactory system and more seriously, your emotion, as psychologically you will feel frustrated by this pungent smell.

Remove Odor Sources; Add Pleasant Aroma

Clean-Matic Carpet Deodorizer is the effective solution to drive away foul odor emitted from your carpets. Not only that, it is formulated with a pleasant fragrance that will replace the repulsive odor with a pleasing aroma of cleanliness that makes you feel good and fresh.

Harsh on Offensive Odors; Tender on Carpets

Developed specifically for stain resistant carpet deodorization and works on virtually all nylon and wool carpets, Clean-Matic Carpet Deodorizer eliminates odor without affecting the inherent spill and soil resistant characteristics of the carpet. This has been confirmed through numerous tests on its effectiveness on neutralizing general odor sources found in carpets. The test results also meet the strictest requirements set by the stain resistant carpet fiber manufactuers.